Matt is back up again.

(Jeebus, this room is CRAMMED. People clustered in the doorways because there’s no place to put them.)

Congressman Paulsen … think he’s a MN representative to the US Congress? Says this is what it takes — this room. Here to share a federal update. First, USA is a leader in healthcare. Talking about the tax on devices and a 5 yr effort to suspend 2 yrs of that tax. Claiming that the result was seen almost immediately in companies large, medium, and small … suspending that tax allowed them to move their initiatives forward.

Okay, wait. The tax was there to help fund the ACA, right? The ACA only passed because that tax was part of making it revenue-neutral … so tradeoffs. The ACA makes it possible for all the people in chairs to not sweat the old pre-existing condition exception for being able to even have insurance. I hope they found some other funding source.

He’s co-chair of the medical technology caucus. Says he’ll be a strong advocate for us. “I will always have an open door.” Alrighty then. Let’s hold him to that, peeps.