Hmmm. Wrote a whole post in real time about what she said, and freaking Word Press ate it. Here’s my quick recap:

  1. This is the biggest crowd for working 2 walk ever, so YAY to the Minnesota peeps! And wlecome for real to the 150 first-timers.
  2. Advocacy. A good place to begin would be to go on Netflix and watch the movie called How to Survive a Plague — super example of what can happen and what it takes to build a movement that can matter in getting results. She also aired a quick video about the movement that ended with getting the ADA passed. It’s called Capitol Crawl AND I CAN’T SAY STRONGLY ENOUGH THAT YOU SHOULD ALL WATCH IT.
  3. That book I wrote, Don’t Call It a Miracle. It’s a free download, free hard copy, free shipping, everything free thanks to a grant from the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Marilyn didn’t say this, but I’ll add that I always meant it to be a sort of gateway drug into this world. Here are the problems, here are the systems within which they’ll be solved, here’s the money story or why that’s hard, etc.

And as my friends all say, Eff you Word press.